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Per Doug's request

My attempt at humor and poetry

There was an engineer with scruffy beard
his shirt, overflowing with pens, was weird.
Its pattern of plaid wasn’t too bad yet when
seen with his shorts t’was original sin.
His coke bottle glasses gave him the air
Of a wise learned man able to repair
anything bent, damaged or scientific.
Yet his learn-ed speech was soporific.
This combined with his geeky, nerdy air
Led to a social life that went nowhere.
He but casually noticed the void
As his world was filled with things sinusoid.
His work which was his play, pure recreation
Contained within the act of new creation.
Uninterested in the world, he lived
Off in a gleaming steel tower that hid
And sheltered him from the huddling masses
Who feared his progress, creating impasses.
His desire to learn how/why everything
Worked, including the odd human being
Led him to join our little group for sooth
Where else could he ascertain what is truth?
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